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I will be quiet for a month, vacation time for me. If you need to contact me for commissions or personal reasons you can via Facebook: Steven Amoxes or Amoxes.  Take care my friends see you soon!
Angel Shibari by amoxes
Angel Shibari
Angel Shibari
Acrylic on acid free paper 11x14 inches,varnished
Model: Thanks to Angel

I painted Angel in a different style this time imaginating her painted in ancient times. Also her recent short story has really inspired me a lot in doing this but the next ones as well.
Face 6 by amoxes
Face 6
Faces 6
Acrylic on acid free paper 11x14 inches,varnished
Model: Inspired by a Transgender from Brazil

Shipping Extra
Shipping 5 to 7 business day with tracking number
Paypal Accepted
Open for commissions note me  or Tree Vinos​
Angel Shibari by amoxes
Angel Shibari
Angel Shibari
Acrylic on acid free paper 11x14 inches,varnished
Model: Thanks to Angel

I painted Angel in a different style this time imaginating her painted in ancient times.

Shipping Extra
Shipping 5 to 7 business day with tracking number
Paypal Accepted
Open for commissions note me

Beautiful behind the scene story by : Angel Shibari

As the flow of the wind cover the dunes at the desert, so the stories flow in the river of mankind, and just as a wandering traveler could satisfy his thirst with the smallest sip, I want to share you the story of the most precious gemstones which ever existed.

In the remote times of the great forgotten history, where the reality and the poetry were mixed with the magic and the myths, a settlement was founded where the great rivers poured their waters to the Arabic sea, and because of the will of "the one and only god" that place was gifted with the richness of being the cradle for all most perfect gems which were in the kingdom, and visitors from all the corners of Persia just to take a glimpse of the miraculous place.

Kings and servants, Califs, beggars, merchants, thieves, anyone came to the the birthplace of the gemstones to get a glimpse of the greatness of the creation of the men and to be witness of the city which was born from the sand and the crystals of the desert, great palaces were built without bricks but only gems to conformed the walls, towers and mesquites unreal colors and forms scratched the skies, and the brightness of the city "of the nameless colors could be sighted from a long remote distance, and just with a caress of the sun, a fan of color could be seen from all the region.

But with all the greatness was heard by greedy heartless  men.

War stalked the birthplace of the gemstones and the inhabitants of the proud city were in war with all the Califs who wanted to rule and to own the richness of the city.

Eons passed by, and the richness of the land disappeared like an illusion in the horizon, the palaces, the towers, and the mesquites melted into the sand without leaving a single track of its existence, and when the gemstones vanished so the settlement vanished from the memory of the greedy men.

One day, the great Calif Almazor went lost from a caravan, which was traveling to the city of the prophet, and  he wandered into the desert for so many years until he was considered dead.

- Oh great and mercyfull "true and only god", if it is true that I have been unfaithful please let me take this exile as a punishment, for it be that I can regain my place within my kin, and rule with wisdom teaching your word to all who depend on me, oh wisest of the wisest and greatest of the greatest, or at least, let me join your glory after refreshing my thirst one last time -.

And by work and design of "the true and only god" he found a passage to the lost settlement of the gemstones by following the vision of a vast oasis.

When he arrived, he discovered a ruined miserable town, but when the people of the settlement saw the young man filled with thirst and tiredness, all of them gave him enough water and food to help him to recover from his wounds.

-Oh kindest people who follow the laws of "the rue and only god", let me return the favors you have poured over me, let me wash debt showing my generosity and helping you to reestablish the beauty of the land, because is the will of heavens that I, the Calif of Califs, reconstructs the palaces, the towers and the mesquites in the way they were.

The young man recovered quickly and he promised to repay the kindness of the townsfolk but only with the condition to take the one and only gemstone left in the place, a woman with an incomparable beauty in all the region, but if the people denied this request, the Calif would never return that place to its former glory, and then, each of them would disappear with the sand and the wind, just as the palaces, towers and mesquites did. 

She was taken for the preparations of her destiny.
Angel Shibari by amoxes
Angel Shibari
Angel Shibari
Acrylic on acid free paper 11x14 inches,varnished
Model: Thanks to Angel

I painted Angel in a different style this time imaginating her painted in ancient times.

Shipping Extra
Shipping 5 to 7 business day with tracking number
Paypal Accepted
Open for commissions note me

Beautiful behind the scene story by Angel Shibari

- Ahlan ya gamil - I greet you beautiful.

The Eyes of the young woman who was sitting in the loneliness of a Turk bathroom turned in every direction to search for the source of the voice which pronounced those words, but only the glitter of thousands of gems embedded in white ivory pillars were before her eyes.

The room, was composed of dozens of pillars which ended in rich ottoman arc-structures with the word that designs "the name of the only god" craved on each of them along with geometrical golden details which represented the perfection of the creation, all of the pillars were aligned in concentric circles surrounding the lonely woman, creating the illusion of her being held prisoner of a light cascade which was born in the upper part of the dome which was crowning the structure.

She was going to be a offered to the Califa Almanzor in a few days, and for that, the vizier ordered all his entourage to treat the future concubine with the most delicious cares. She had been bathing in water poured with the essence of one thousand roses, the sweetest perfumes were brought to her from every corner of Persia, and to cover her skin the most exquisite silk was brought from the eastern kingdoms, she had to become perfection because of the nature of the gift.

At last, the gaze of the girl found a human figure next to one of the pillars at her back, without recognizing the person, she politely granted her visitor.

- As salam aleykum - The peace be with you.

Aleikum as salama - and the peace be with you, replied the figure -

suddelny, the woman took consciousness of her naked body and the lust of the man who was looking at her, she covered herself in shame because she knew she was prohibited for the eyes of every man but for the Calif.

- Please left me alone - said the woman in a sad voice - I am no longer for the men as I whished to be in the past, in five days I will be granted as a tribute to the most powerful man in this land, and no one must see me like this, I beg you please to leave me in my thoughts and never come back -.

- Delicate creature, fear not the anger of the men, because no man is looking at your nude skin, as you are at the presence of an Ifrit, and I will not let any man posses you, for you
 already belong to me without knowing it - .

The woman looked at the human figure in detail, and she noticed, after whose words, that the man as not standing on his feet but on a cloud of blue steam, then, the demon floated towards her with the speed of a blink and then he sentenced:

- Oh beautiful creature, oh gamil, the most beautiful between the beautiful, the most precious of the women, the sweetest water in the river, because you know that your eyes could blunt the most sharpened blade, and your voice could break the hardest shield, I want you to know that "the one and only god" sent me to free you from your destiny, and to take you for myself because you cannot be destined to end as a mere concubine -.

The woman lowered her face and turned away her eyes from the Ifrit who was still looking at her eyes.

- Oh terrible Ifrit, master and destructor of time and human life, since I have heard of your kin I know of the terrible power you have, I cannot oppose at your will, but if you want to take me for you, please let me speak my story hoping that your mercy could be greater than your fury.

The woman raised from the floor and then she continued speaking.

-My land is the poorest of the poorest, and my people prays all day and night to the glory and the mercy of 
"the one and only god", and after a life of misery, our prayers had elevated to the heavens, and in an act of extreme love, I have been chosen to be one of the gems which adorn the harems of the great Calif Almanzor, and I can not deny my destiny, because it will be the demise of my people.

The Ifrit looked with horror the woman for a last time, and before punishing the woman for her ungratefulness he talked her one last time.

- Oh gamil, as you have chosen your destiny, you have denied the greatness which would be yours, and if your wish is to be the a gem to adorn the harem of the Calif Almanzor, you will be turned in the fairest of the gems in all the world -.

The Ifrit moved his hands upon his lips, and he blew three times, and as the breath of the Ifrit turned to the most fierce of the sandstorms, the body of the woman started to turn into a crystal, the blue cloud that was covering the Ifrit's lower part began to fade and after it disappeared so the ifrit did, and only a sculpture made of gemstones was left from the creature standing in the room, now the light which was imprisoning her was refracted to every corner of the bath, and her destiny as the most precious of the gems in the Harem of the great Calif Almazor could be finally fulfilled.
Basic info's

I’m a self taught Canadian metis artist of Native American, Acadian & Italian background based at the moment in Montreal City Canada. My family roots & strong interest in every culture from around the world have inspired me in many ways in my artistic and personal evolution. After spending years of exploring, practicing and studying different styles and techniques, I’m slowly creating my own signature in my art work. I chooses to paint a particular person because something about this person triggers my imagination. Facial expressions & reproducing the wanted emotion are very important to me. The most crucial thing in my mind is to stay true to what I wants to express. 

General Info's how I work. (Note me if you need further information)


Prices depends on size, time, type of work, materials


Payment is done Via Paypal.
Half down is asked before any work is done, half is asked when work is 100% done before shipping. 


•Regarding the Ref photo that will be used for the painting

•Please include a reference pic that will really highlight the subject. 

A cell shot at the beach, party or office maybe nice to post on FB it does not mean it can and will look great transformed as a painting. 

The ref pic is the stepping stone in creating a painting of quality that will reflect your expectations plus highlight the subject you want painted. Taking the time to either take one or a few good photos can really make the difference in how the product will end up looking once completed. 

Remember the more you help the artist in providing a clear and specific idea of what you want while providing a quality ref photo the more the end results will be fantastic. A painting is made to last for many years so just doing these easy steps is well worth it.

Mature content: To order or pose for any mature content you must be 21 years and older. 


Shipping service is done via Canada Post, every painting is well packed and is sent with a 5 to 11 business days service depending where the package is sent (Canada-US) (Overseas shipping takes longer and is more expensive $$$ NOTE: Overseas shipping is for orders of 100$ (Canadian $) and up.. 

IMPORTANT: Due to recent overseas issues I do not take any more responsibility in the case of: Custom seizing or a surplus of customs taxes, theft, loss or damage, there are no refunds in the case of any of these situations outside Canadian or US shipments. Please note that these issues are rare but my policy has changed since January 2015. 


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